top choice

this is my top choice of the Hollywood stars. shut up & listen. :)

the best eyes - man. i like it when he stares. ;)

the best eyes - woman. two different colour.

the best smile. ;)

the sweetest 'just friends' couple.

the hottest couple.

i'd choose him over George Clooney. :P

the most beautiful man & woman in the world.

the hottest man alive.

the prettiest blonde.

the most beautiful baby.

the most rocking family!

the nicest body.

the sweetest face.

the hottest teen singer.

the most good-looking rapper.

the most unique baby name - Pilot Inspektor.

the hottest bad-ass girl.

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amalina said...

babe. i like channing's eyes too. he's my top 1 too. omg omg omg. i like his whole body.