nothing hurts like loosing

i remember what it feels like to know love
and have it taken away
you know nothing hurts like loosing
when you know its already gone

am i crazy?
still miss you baby
how could i be losing you forever?
after all the time we spent together
in a dream you appeared
for a while you were here
so i keep sleeping
just to keep you with me

i'll draw a map
connect the dots
with all the memories that i've got
what im missing
i'll keep re-living

you'd hold me close in your arms
i loved the way you felt so strong
i never wanted you to leave
i wanted you to stay here holding me

i miss you
i miss your smile
and i still shed a tear
every once in a while
and even though its different now
you're still here somehow
my heart wont let you go
and i need you to know
i miss you, i miss you

oh how i wish you could see
everything thats happening for me
im thinking back on the past
its true that time is flying by too fast
how i wish that i could see your face
and i don't ever want to see you sad, be happy.

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