KL - Day 1

gah! today kena bangun awal pagi.
why? because mommy signed me up for this Motivasi Alihan Pelajar with Dr. Asmadi.
its in Kuala Lumpur.

i had to say yes. didnt wanna disappoint her.
so yeah. woke up at 6.45am.
i was nearly late. but thank God i made it.

got there, i was the only one NOT wearing baju kurung.
shit! i asked mommy, why didnt she tell me i have to wear baju kurung?
she said, "never mind lah kakak."
so i was like, "hmph. whatever. selamba je lah!"

the moment the Motivasi started at 9am, the motivator said something about our attire.
he said with a high voice, "saya lihat ada pelajar² yang memakai selipar jepun! kenapa masih ada yang pakai selipar jepun?! & pelajar perempuan, sepatutnya lebih manis kamu memakai baju kurung."
i was like, "shit. thats it. im dead!"

i was glad that he was not mad.
he told us, there will be no second chance tomorrow. fuhh!
so hm. continue with the Motivasi.

the first 2 hours, i feel like going home.
felt like i was in hell! the motivator kept rising his voice at us.
dia marah² je. each & every one of us were not happy.

it was only 11am. we can only leave the place at 7pm.
shit! 8 hours till 7pm!

but the longer i stay, the more interested i become.
i mean, the motivasi is kinda interesting. && made me realize who i really am as a person.
i can do sooooo many things. i can achieve soooo many things.
yet i didnt know.

the motivators taught us a lot of things.
things we couldnt imagine of doing it.
things we couldnt believe we can achieve.
those were all new to us.

my face yang tadi masam mencuka, muncung sepuluh inci,
now dah boleh tersenyum.
made some new friends on the same day. :)

there's one from Sri Aman. & one from Gombak Setia.
one from Sentul. & another one from Pahang.

blablabla, yadda yadda yadda,
it was time to go home. fuhh!
you have no idea how glad i was.
my butt hurts. duduk lama sangat. hahah.

balik tu, Kak Ifa yang amek. sebab my parents pegi MAHA kat Serdang.
so, ikut la dia balik rumah.
main² lego dengan hafiz mengada tu. aww. i miss him!
lama gilaaa tak jumpa. he's only 1 years old. ;D

oh. lepas tu, ktorg keluar pegi tengok fireworks kat Putrajaya.
wahh. it was amazing. cantekkkkkkk!
saya terpesona dengan keindahan bunga api yang memenuhi ruang angkasa.
gila romantik. hahah.

lepas dah habis tu, then only balik rumah. gah.
peeeeeeeeeeeenat gilak. terus tidur. :P
cant wait for tomorrow.
day 2 Motivasi Alihan Pelajar. x)

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