a month now

today is Aug 28th, 2008.
yep. its been a month since abang left home & went to Russia.
a month! woo. tak terasa langsung.
feels like only yesterday dia pergi.

hows everything there heh abang?
did they treat you good?
teringin nya nak tengok keadaan dekat sana.
dengan cuaca dia, masyarakat dia, tempat² dia.
aww. bestnya. lucky for you la abang!
you get to go places.
jealous je tengok all the photos you send us.
while im still stuck here.

Russia cantik. i love the garden.
totally romantic! hahah.
abang, pegi dating kat sana cepat. :P

its nice to know that he's doing okay kat sana.
i mean, every weekend ktorg online, chatting dengan dia through Yahoo! Messenger.
we get to see him through webcam. but dia tak dapat tengok ktorg.
nono webcam here. :(
abah lah, nak tunggu computer baru keluar, only then dia beli.
dia tanak beli skrg. ceh. :|

moving on..
so yeah. i know you'll be fine dekat sana.
i know my brother. dia sangat² berdikari.
thats why merata tempat dia dah pergi.
kan abang, kan kan? :)

btw, tomorrow is 19th your birthday.
first time celebrate bukan dekat Malaysia kan?
18 years dekat Malaysia. tahun ke 19 dekat Russia.
wahhh. :D

we lalaloveeeeeeeeeee you so muchy muchyyy.
aww. you're 19 now.
you're turning a year older! hahah.
abang tua. ;P

have fun celebrate your birthday dekat sana with your friends.
ktorg kat sini always always pray for you.
&& thinking about you 24/7.
adik amir tu tak habis² bising. x)

take care abang.
all the best in Russia.
&& happy turning 19 again. :)
я люблю Вас!

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