efaa's - life to tell

Life To Tell.

A life full with fake faces,
An opera stage with blind hearts,
A knife stuck behind their backs,
Piggy nose and crawling insects,
Stuck to their bodies in every biseps,
Covered up by preety faces,
Fancy clothes and money for sure,
Almost impossible for us to notice,
Because thats the life we have to suffer.

Hearts which blooms with pure love,
Cries with tears of blood,
Life full with sight of terror,
Which one do we feel the most?
Unspoken words are kept unrevealed,
While sarcasm roars,
Digits of value conquers all,
Even the angels failed,
While the devils celebrates,
From sincere hearts to evil sins,
Culture and religion are ruined.

Until when should we live and suffer,
In this kind of world?
With ungrateful attitudes,
Humanisms which are poisoned,
And spirit being possesed by demons.

Though we realise,
Effort comes first,
Show and prove it,
To this entire universe,
Together hand by hand,
From meaningless life,
To bombastic heaven,
Till the drop of devils Lying dead,
And swirling angels around,
Tear drops of pure joy and sincere happiness,
Together forever until we die.

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p/s: ianya hakcipta terpelihara iffah bt. mohd hazim.
i like it a lot. so i post it here. ;)

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