thank God.
at last, i've finished my seni project.
my folio.
my billboard.
it feels good.

for the past 2 weeks try siapkan benda tu.
tak habis² jugak.
last thursday baru habis complete semua sekali.

but but, tension weh!
okay. eventhough i like seni so very much.
but buat kerja dalam masa yang singkat sangat² banyak tekanan.
pressure dari segala segi.
everything seems so messed up.

these things been goin on for almost two weeks.
dengan ponteng kelas.
homeworks banyak yang tertangguh.
penat lemah satu badan.
balik tuition terus tidur.
i dont even have time for my own!

my room is a mess.
i have mood swings all the time.
i got tired most of the time.
i cant even stay up late.
i mean, i can only stay up until 11pm.
next thing i know, im already on my bed & its 6am in the morning.
with the light & radio on.

but now,
bila semua kerja seni dah habis,
rasa mcm bosan la pulak.
sbb mcm da terbiasa buat seni.
ye lah.
2 weeks bukan sekejap okay?
now rasa mcm nk sambung buat lagi pulak.

oh. && i discover something in this 2 weeks.
something yang dah bukak mata saya.
3 things.
first, everyone yang amek seni semua amazing.
they made me laugh. seriously. made some new bonds with few people.
the second & third,
let me be the only one to know. :)

oh. this is my hasil kerja! haha.

come to my kedai! :P

this is fyna's.

this is ayeen's. fara tolong pegang.

&& this one is adli's. my favorite!

&& this one is irisyah's. one of the nicest.

&& these, antara hasil² kerja mereka² yang amek seni :D

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