is it love or lust?

seriously guys.
ask yourself.

is it really LOVE or LUST?
do those feelings you're having now is really what they call 'love'?
if its love, izzit real?
izzit enough for the both of you?
or there's no such thing as love, only lust?
or perhaps a little bit of both?
dont get it all mix up.

come on!
you've been thru this before.
when you think its love, bamm!
only then you realize.
that you actually dont have feelings for that person.
it was lust all the time.

if you dont love that person,
or you dont have real feelings for them,
or maybe,
you're not sure whether you love them or not,
dont waste his/her & YOUR time either.
because you'll hurt them even more!

lust is just lust.
once you've fulfilled what you want, you're satisfied.
but love, love is something pure.
it comes from within.
& love can really make the world go round.

do me a favor.
be true to yourself.
if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend,
tell them every single day how much you
love them,
care for them,
adore them,
admire them,
want them,
miss them,
& everything else.
appreciate them like no one else did.
& appreciate everything that they do for you.
those little things that meant the most.

it doesnt matter if you're over the top.
there's nothing wrong to show some love.

dont treat them like a mind reader.
they dont know what you want.
&& just, approach them whenever wherever you want.
it doesnt matter.
because maybe, just maybe,
they were waiting for you too.

love yourself first before you love others.
okayyy? ok.

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