poem ; art

they said, orang yang berjiwa seni ni,
suka poetries.
suka buat poem.
minat dengan poem.

hm. hard to tell.
but for me, yeah.
its true.

i mean, not to brag ke apa.
but, i love arts.
i love seni.
i love everything that has to do with artwork.
&& i want to make a career out of it.

&& recently,
im starting to write poem.
poem about life.
about everything that happens everyday.
ada yang sedih.
ada yang happy.
ada yang tunggang-terbalik.
ada yang puitis thp mega.

hey, im still new to these thing.
so, ayat hentam je lah.
janji paham. :D

overall, i like what im doing.
& i want to continue doing it.
ni lah akibat suka shakespeare && seni banyak sangat.
haha. :P

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