3 months away from you

oh my dear Sunway Pyramid.
for nearly 3 months i've been away from u,
yesterday, i finally get to see u again.
u have no idea how happy i was. :)
it means a lot to me.
i miss u freakin much!

i had a ball yesterday.
went shopping.
round round round i go.
i circled the whole place.
bought myself new shoes.
&& some new clothes. :D

oh! i even bought something for my beloved.
funny. i was mad at him actually.
still, i wanted to buy him something.
i did. & i felt great about it.
cant wait to see the look on his face the moment i gave those stuffs to him.
its priceless!
baby, i hope u like it. ;)

oh. && i saw fyna too yesterday.
she was with her sister.
haha. what a coincidence!
she helped me on choosing my new shoes.
my cousins have noooo idea on choosing those shoes for me. =.=
thank God! she's my life savor.

overall, i love pyramid.
&& i love shopping.
& i wanna do it again!
everything is on sale now!
aaaaaaaa! :P

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