life or something like it

i REALLY need to put my mind off some few things.
things that are really not that important.
things that i can put aside for a while.

but why,
why each time i try to let it go, it came back?
see, someway somehow i cant forget it.
its as if its stuck it my head.
& i cant get it off. its bothering me in different ways.

alright fine. i admit it.
maybe it IS important to me.
& maybe not to everyone else.
but, what i cant understand is that,
those little things made such a big impact to my life.

its not easy to just put aside your feelings.
i cant stop thinking about it.
how to get rid of it?
by trying to solve the problem?
im too chicken to face the truth.
i cant stand to think what will happen if i do this or if i do that.
i cant stand of losing it either.
i dont have the guts YET to face the real world.

im afraid that if i chose the wrong path or the wrong decisions, i'll make mistakes.
people say thats how you learn in life.
ugh. yeah. i DONT like it. at all.
im afraid of my own mistakes.
how stupid can that be?
why cant everything be in my own way?
they said its better if you think twice before you act.
yeah right.
i didnt know where to turn to.

it'll all get better in time.
only time can reveal the truths.
its gonna hurt but it heals too.
im just gonna smile cause i deserve to.
& i know that im gonna be okay.

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