a totally happy face!


Are you doing everything you can to keep your skin happy? Test your skin sense with these questions & find out if your skin is really smiling, or frowning, inside.

My daily sleeping habits are:

[ ] sleep? what sleep?
[ ] 3-4 hours on weeknight, 8 on the weekends
[x] usually a solid 8 hours snooze time
[ ] i dont wake up unless i've gotten & hours of quality sleep

Water is great for your skin, so i drink whenever:

[ ] soda isnt available
[ ] im really, really thirsty
[ ] i remember to. usually a couple of glass a day
[x] whenever, wherever, all the time

I use SPF:
[ ] never. i am a bronze goddess
[ ] if i feel like im already getting a burn
[x] on most days, i miss a day here or there
[ ] everyday and extra when im out in strong sun

Before i go to bed i:
[ ] dont do a thing
[ ] remove my make-up
[x] remove my make-up, cleanse and moisturize
[ ] remove my make-up, exfoliate and moisturize

My diet consist of:
[ ] a lot of junk foods. whoops!
[ ] what ever is easy - some good foods, some bad foods
[x] mostly balanced meal with an occasional slip up
[ ] lots of fresh fruits and veggies with major antioxidant power

If i have some free time, im:
[ ] partying in smoking bars
[ ] playing video games indoors
[ ] taking a drive with the windows down
[x] out exercising in the fresh air

Totally happy
Perfect skin is what you have. But maintain that beauty by evolving your skincare routine with age or charge or environment. If you're moving to a sunnier location, make sure you enhance your skincare products with SPF, even your cleanser should have it! Be in tune with your skin's need at all time.

- St. Ives Elements

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