Make Up Tips
1. To enhance your eyes without looking made-up, try shell & chestnut eyeshadow. They flatter every complexion.

2. Apply one quick coat of mascara on your upper lashes for a no-fuss, flirty look.

3. Brush on blush right at the apples of your cheeks for a fresh rosy look.

4. In a rush? Dab on a peachy gloss. Find an ultra-sheer formula so you can apply it without a mirror.

5. To instantly brighten your eyes, dab a light natural eyeshadow to the inner & outer corners of your eyes.

6. Sweeps a little bronzer over your nose, cheek & forehead for a naturally sunkissed glow.

7. Try using a tinted face lotion to lock in moisture while evening out your skin tone.

Hair Tips
1. A monthly deep conditioning treatment will keep hair looking healthy and shiny and tame curls.

2. Tp prevent frizz, use a wide-tooth comb on wet hair. Once your hair is dry, smooth it with a few drops of a silicon-based products, such as a styling cream or serum.

3. Get a trim every 6-8 weeks. This will keep your hair looking healthy & prevent breakage.

4. While your layers grow out, ask your stylist to cut in some fringe around your face to give you an edgy look until your length evens out on top.

5. If you have thick hair you might only need to wash it every other day or less. Less frequent washing will keep your hair from drying out & might even look better the second day.

6. Fly-aways often result from aggressive brushing or combing. Start at the ends of the hair and work your way up slowly - never hold the hair in a ponytail with one hand & rip the hair with a brush with the other.

7. Use a clarifying shampoo or forgo styling products for a few days between shampoos to eliminate build up that can make hair dull.

Style Tips
1. Glasses arent just for functionality - they can reflect your mood & make a statement. Use different pairs to transition from day to night, everyday to special occasions.

2. Forget the black! Pair this spring's popular bright tones with neutral like gray, it grounds bright colors & allows them to pop.

3. A cropped jackets instantly updates a crisp white shirt & fitted black pants. Add a bold cuff to spice up the look.

4. Explore the color that make you look & feel great. Put on a baby blue cardigan to accentuate your eyes or the brown coat that goes so well with your skin tone.

5. Layering is key when transforming looks from day to night. A cashmere wrap-around can make the difference between appropriate office attire & a dinner party outfit.

6. Sleek shorts become instantly work-worthy when paired with a long-sleeve empire-waist top. The overall effect is on trend but not overexposed.

7. Tie your favorite print scarf around your waist, neck, hair or even on your purse for an easy way to show a little personal style.

- St. Ives Elements

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