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Your Best Color: Bright red
Your Sign Sister: Jennifer Garner
Your Best Friend: Up-for-anything Sagittarius
Your Perfect Match: Adoring and romantic Libra

Your zodiac symbol, the Ram, represents the way you charge headfirst into everything! You've got a can-do attitude--so you never take "No!" for an answer. Sometimes your direct approach makes people think you're looking for a fight--they don't realize that you simply like to resolve conflicts quickly (and sometimes, loudly)! Once you've said your piece, though, you forgive and forget in a snap. You never leave anybody guessing about your feelings for them--and that's what people love most about you--your honesty.

Your strengths: Your career should honor your need for variety, and allow you to use your talent for making quick decisions. You could be a sharp-eyed buyer for a store, or a newspaper reporter.

Your relationships: You like to hang out with people who don't take too long to get the point of a conversation, but from time to time, you need to stop and smell the roses. Okay, so patience isn't your strong point, but the way you keep life moving makes it interesting for everybody! Look for friends and guys who can point out the little things you might otherwise miss.


Your Best Color: Golden Brown
Your Sign Sister: Kirsten Dunst
Your Best Friend: Calculating Capricorn
Your Perfect Match: Sensual, yet strong-willed Scorpio

Well-balanced, you try to maintain things exactly as they are. This is fine when you're into protecting family heirlooms or hanging on to your after-school tutoring job, but sometimes you could be a bit inflexible. Still, your friends and family expect you to be a creature of habit, and you make those you take into your circle feel protected and secure. If you can, it would be good for you to accept that in life, the only truly predictable thing is change. It's possible for you to go with the flow and still be happy.

Your strengths: Your protective inclination would make you a natural in the field of finance, and your love of creature comforts could place you in a glamorous field like merchandising or home furnishings design. You have a taste for luxury items that are cushy and comforting, yet tough and durable.

Your relationships: You appreciate friends who are reliable and down-to-earth, like you. When it comes to love, you need a partner who's capable of being as adamant and insistent about his ideas as you are. Winning an argument is no fun for you unless you can let your guy think you gave in at least a little.


Your Best Color: Silver
Your Sign Sister: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
Your Best Friend: Bright and fair Libra
Your Perfect Match: Adventurous, active Sagittarius

With a sharp mind that's teeming with brilliant ideas, you have no idea what people mean by "information overload!" Juggling two phone conversations and 10 IM chats while you read a magazine, and give yourself a manicure is a normal night for you. Your friends love talking to you because you've already got the juiciest gossip, long before they've even brushed their teeth!

Your strengths: Since you practically invented multi-tasking, you would excel at jobs that require you to think on your feet, such as advertising, public relations, or broadcasting. You have a knack for networking with people and machines, so you could handle work in the computer programming or Web design fields.

Your relationships: Intellectual stimulation is a prerequisite for your friendship, and anyone who really knows you admits it's impossible for you to "belong" to anyone. You need a diverse group of people in your life to satisfy your need for lively conversation. This doesn't mean you can't be faithful; but you can love many people at the same time for totally different reasons. Two faced? No way! You're just multi-faceted!

(6/22 - 7/22)

Your Best Color: Sea green
Your Sign Sister: Lindsay Lohan
Your Best Friend: Faithful-to-the-end Scorpio
Your Perfect Match: Predictable and protective Capricorn

You're traditional, intuitive, and emotional. Sometimes, you're a bit moody, but even when you're not at the top of your game, people love you because you always seem to know how to make them feel better. Although you (rightly!) have a reputation for being thoughtful and kind, you're no pushover. You will fiercely defend yourself--or others--when necessary.

Your strengths: You'd make a great teacher or child care provider, but you're capable of looking after a corporation, too, as a management executive or a financial officer. Since you like to have something to "baby," you might start your own business, and make a home office your headquarters. Your intuition could help you make money in real estate--who'd excel more at matching a prospective buyer with the perfect home?

Your relationships: You like people who are sensitive and protective, so they can look out for--and after--you. Sometimes, when you're too eager to impress friends or boyfriends, you leave yourself open, and some people might take advantage of that. As a rule, it's best for you to build up your close relationships by taking baby steps.


Your Best Color: Yellow
Your Sign Sister: Charlize Theron
Your Best Friend: Equally brave Aries
Your Perfect Match: Cool, yet appreciative, Aquarius

A natural leader, you always seem to be headed in the right direction (and get people psyched to follow you there)! Your confidence and dramatic talents set you apart from the crowd. When you indulge in your love of performing, some people may think you're showing off. If they take the time to get to know you, they'll find out that what you really want--to help them bring out the best of their talents and abilities.

Your strengths: Politics and entertainment are two career paths you should explore. You also have an interest in fashion and beauty. With your enthusiasm, you'd enjoy make a successful teacher, publicist, or personal coach.

Your relationships: Your loyalty is legendary, but you don't award your devotion unless it's well deserved. Those who are lucky enough to have you as a friend or girlfriend realize that as long as they keep telling you how well you do and how good you look, you'll smother them in affection.


Your Best Color: Forest green
Your Sign Sister: Beyonce
Your Best Friend: Solid Taurus
Your Perfect Match: Disorganized, yet visionary Pisces

Your mission in life is to help others, whether you're working on a group project or serving customers at an after-school job. Sure, people accuse you of being a "perfectionist" (or, at times, "obsessive"), but without your attention to detail, the world would be much worse off! Your impulse to keep everything in order pushes you into unusual activities, like color-coding your closet and cataloging your CD collection, but (as much as they may tease you about it!) your friends and loved ones would be lost without your organizational skills.

Your strengths: With health as a major fixation, you'd make a fantastic personal trainer or doctor. Or, you could apply your critical eye to words and numbers as an editor or accountant. Your nurturing skills would also make you succeed in a job involving small animals, plants, or the environment.

Your relationships: Your desire to care for others will dominate your relationships. Find a guy who's willing to take suggestions and follow your lead when it comes to matters of organization. You make instant friendships with other practical people, but you could lose your patience with overly-dramatic types.


Your Best Color: Pale pink
Your Sign Sister: Gwyneth Paltrow
Your Best Friend: Intriguing Aquarius
Your Perfect Match: Courageous Aries

Your job is to make the world a more pleasant place, whether it's through your creative expression or your determination to make sure that everyone gets a fair shake. Like your symbol, the Scales, you weigh all your options. That doesn't mean that you can't make up your mind, but when you have to make a decision, you may need extra time to do so. The same thing goes for when you're getting ready to go out. You could deliberate for hours on what to wear--but no matter what you finally choose, you always look amazing!

Your strengths: Your eye for beauty could lead to a career that depends on your impeccable taste, such as architect, decorator, fashion designer, or model. Your ability to see both sides of all situations would make you a good lawyer, talent agent or contract negotiator.

Your relationships: Relationships mean everything to you. It's hard for you to enjoy an experience unless there's someone there to share it with. Surround yourself with people who will feed you new ideas and encourage you to take daring steps in your life.


Your Best Color: Black
Your Sign Sister: Eve
Your Best Friend: Equally intuitive Pisces
Your Perfect Match: Focused Taurus

You've got a deep need to analyze and influence the people around you. You insist on excellence in all you do, and that's why you're always pushing people to use their talents, or competing with them to demonstrate how well you've developed your own. Your tough questions can sometimes scare people, but they really have no reason to be afraid. As long as they stay on your good side, you'll defend them to the end. But, when someone crosses you, they should be warned that they've chosen the fiercest enemy there is!

Your strengths: Your instinctive ability to read people is an excellent diagnostic tool. Maybe that's why there are so many Scorpio doctors and surgeons. Criminal justice is another field that is well-suited to your sign. Your tremendous tenacity forces you to keep working on puzzles until you have them solved. No one would get away with breaking the law if you were on the case!

Your relationships: You're strong and independent, but you cherish your relationships, too. You need people who admire your intelligence and focus, and who live up to your high standards of success.


Your Best Color: Turquoise
Your Sign Sister: Katie Holmes
Your Best Friend: Fun-loving Leo
Your Perfect Match: Ingenious Gemini

Truth and honor are the two most important things in your life--that's why you pursue interests that give you a little of both. You understand the meaning of enjoying life with all your senses, and you're acutely aware of your body. (That's why you like working out so much.) Anything that allows you to run free will give you satisfaction.

Your strengths: As a genuine lover of learning, you have to make sure your profession will give you room to grow mentally and/or spiritually. Publishing, teaching, the law and coaching are all good careers for you to consider. Your passion for learning about every last square inch of the planet could help if you were to become a travel writer or airline worker.

Your relationships: Your enthusiasm and your ability to laugh at yourself will win you many friends and attract a lot of romantic interest. Everybody wants to find out the secret to your persistently happy mood and boundless energy. Your secret is simple: You always believe that no matter what, everything is going to turn out just fine!


Your Best Color: Gray
Your Sign Sister: Kate Bosworth
Your Best Friend: Down-to-earth Virgo
Your Perfect Match: Caring Cancer

Serious, organized, and mature, you often play the role of "designated adult" with your friends and even your family. You can't help it. From where you sit (at the top of the mountain), you see the whole world and how it can be carefully organized so everybody can be most productive. You work very hard at your social life, too. Although your discipline often prevents you from going to every party, when you finally kick back, nobody else knows how to have as much fun as you do!

Your strengths: Material security spells happiness for you, so what you do for a living will always be a big priority in your life. You like to be in positions were you will earn respect and money, so you might want to become a business executive, school administrator, or a personnel manager. You might find happiness as the CEO of your own small business, too.

Your relationships: You take friendships and love very seriously, and you like the people you associate with to be committed and share your vision of the future. In love, you need someone who can provide creature comforts and a shoulder to lean on when the pressures of the outside world get too tough.


Your Best Color: Hot pink
Your Sign Sister: Alicia Keys
Your Best Friend: Laid-back Gemini
Your Perfect Match: Lovable Leo

Anything is possible in your world, so whenever everyone else isn't up to a job, you step in to provide inspiration and leadership. You really are as optimistic as you seem, but many people mistake your vision for quirkiness. When it comes to style, your unique fashion sense is often imitated, but never outdone. Your confidence can transform any look into a major fashion statement. Ruled by your thoughts, once you come up with a great idea, you see it through--and promote it at every opportunity!

Your strengths: You need to choose a career that rewards your originality and forward thinking. Scientific research and technology are fitting fields, as are politics and public policy. Because you're so creative, photography and video production could also spark your interest.

Your relationships: Individuality is your main requirement in all your relationships. Although you enjoy having faithful people in your circle, you get claustrophobic when your friends or guy smother you with affection. The people who love you must remember to let go. You'll always come back--as soon as you're done with your latest cause!


Your Best Color: Pale violet
Your Sign Sister: Drew Barrymore
Your Best Friend: Sensitive Cancer
Your Perfect Match: Grounded Virgo

You're sweet and gentle, so people might mistake your kindness for cluelessness; but that's so way off! Your mind embraces the entire cosmos, and you can absorb information just by being in the same room with it. That's probably why so many of your friends say that your psychic abilities spook them out. Your sensitivity and your ability to pick things up without even knowing it makes you good at all the arts, especially poetry and music.

Your strength: You love to help people, so working as a nurse or teacher might be right for you. As you get older and more confident, you'll make a fantastic manager, because you'll know what your workers need before they even start complaining. You might also have a career as a writer, a painter, sculptor, or musician.

Your relationships: In relationships, it's important that you don't lose yourself to the other person. You need friends who appreciate your sensitivity, but who won't take advantage of your giving nature. It's also healthy for you to have someone who brings you back down to earth. You stand a better chance of avoiding pain if you vow to take romantic relationships step by step. Be strong, go slow and keep your heart wide open to universal love!

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