50 turn ons

Want a way to completely turn on your partner? Try one of these 50 ways:

1. She will appear around the house semi-naked, like getting dinner and only wear an apron or wear dungarees, but no shirt or bra. -Hamish Muir

2. During lovemaking it turns me on when my girl looks me in the eye and tells me she loves me. -Miss Liz

3. He lightly runs his hands up and down my back, then gently kisses up my spine. -Megan

4. Kisses me softly on my breasts and on my inner thighs! It's just so wonderful! -Diane Elmore

5. While kissing me, he gently bites my bottom lip ~Ohhhh Yeah! -B.

6. He calls me at work in the middle of the day, unexpectedly, says "I Love You" and hangs up the phone. I absolutely enjoy this, it gets me every time and I can't wait to get home and hold him in my arms. -Joanna

7. When he whispers to me, or when he cuddles or touches me without me doing it first. -Erin

8. He uses his sensual lips and puts them on every spot of my body. -Shelly

9. Sucking on my toes! -Christina

10. He will suck my fingertips-one by one as we're watching a movie. We usually don't make it through the movie!!!! -Holly

11. He will walk up behind me and surprise me by whispering softly in my ear how much he loves me, and then he will gently kiss my neck. -Aimee

12. When she tells me that she wants to make love with me. -Steve Fremgen

13. There is definitely one spot on my neck that makes me absolutely crazy. It is the height of sensuality and ecstasy. It creates want, need, and desire. -Alicia

14. One of my turn-ons is when my boyfriend runs one finger down the back of my neck. Talk about chills. Oo!!! =) -Tasia

15. The way he comes up behind me and pulls me into him in a very close embrace. I can feel his whole body pressing against me, and feel his breath on the nape of my neck and his lips. Mmmmm that's always enough to send me over the edge. -Leigh

16. With his hands he goes down on either side of my spine and sends chills down to my toenails. It drives me crazy. -Kathy

17. Passionate kiss on the lips. -Jay Trinidad

18. When we are at a party, or somewhere where there are a lot of people, and he whispers sexy nothings into my ear! -Nicole

19. Biting on my ear gently and breathing heavily with moaning sounds. -Popeye

20. When we are kissing, which is a lot! He nibbles my ears and barely breaths my name in my ear as if we were having sex. -Trace'

21. When I am naked and he kisses me down my back, bottom, and the backs of my legs. -Tracy

22. He gives me a full body massage and then kisses all over my body. -Anonymous

23. When he presses me against the wall and looks into my eyes, and then gently holds the back of my neck and kisses me. -Molly

24. The one thing my partner does that really turns me on would have to be how he whispers dirty things in my ear when we are having foreplay. -Jennifer

25. Kissing the insides of my knees. -Christi

26. Nibbles - everywhere!!! -Debby

27. All my boyfriend has to do is kiss me. My boyfriend always has his eyes closed when we kiss, but occasionally we keep our eyes open and stare into each other's eyes while we're kissing. We've been together for almost four years and he can still get me ready to go by just kissing me. I think that's more romantic than anything I can think of. -Michele

28. It has to be the soft teasing kisses. It makes me sigh just thinking of them. -Mary

29. My boyfriend will walk up to me at the strangest times and tell me what he would like to do to me if we were alone. He loves to tell me these thing in places like church! -Marissa

30. The one thing that always gets me going is when he bites me on the back of the neck, not as soft as a little nibble but hard enough to leave a mark. I don't know what it is about that, but it just gets my juices flowing. -Charma Lay

31. A wonderful kiss that leaves me breathless and wanting more, much more! -Dorothy

32. His gentle touches when we are making love. -Bonie

33. The thing that make me wild is when my honey starts at my lips and kisses his way to my tummy! I love it when he kisses my tummy so soft and sensually. He licks an area around my belly button then blows on it, it gives me goose bumps all through my body. I LOVE IT! -Lindsay

34. He turns me on when he pays every single bit of his attention to me and looks me in the eyes. I know he really does love me, it's a meeting of our souls. -Beth

35. When he looks at me with desire in his eyes. His pupils enlarge so much I could drown in them and his face gets so intense like he can barely hold back from jumping on me and making love to me right there. -D K's Dryad

36. Silk robe and boxers. -Angel

37. I love it when she brushes her breasts over my body... that drives me wild. -Glenn

38. When she watches me lovingly while I watch TV. -Chuck

39. He puts his arm around my back and holds my face while he kisses me. -Vyunda

40. What really turns me on is when my boyfriend runs his tongue across my back and kisses my back to wake me up in the morning. -Maddy

41. How as he is touching me, hugging me, kissing me, making love to me - he is totally into it. He's not doing it JUST to make me happy, he's doing it because he really enjoys my body and being with me. What a turn-on!!! -Doryntony

42. When she removes her hair band, she leans back her head slightly and shakes her hair out so it is straight. All I can say is wow. It is a great turn on because it looks so quintessentially feminine, and she often does it in places and situations where I cannot react to it (public places, in company, etc.). That must be one of the reasons it such a turn on, I have to wait to react. -Gabriel K.

43. Teasing, in any way shape or form. -Cole

44. He always rubs my feet after I get out of the bath and that is the most intimate thing you could do for your lover. For us it always leads to really great sex! -Butterfly6960107

45. She drives me crazy by gently kissing and blowing on my back. It sends chills up and down my spine. -L

46. Surprise me by not wearing underwear when we go out. Being creative in finding ways to let me know adds to the enjoyment. -Nick

47. My husbands' sheer enjoyment of our intimacy always makes me happy, comfortable and turns me on! The fact that he is always "up" (pun intended!) for lovemaking and is so comfortable in expressing his pleasure is a driving force in our sexual relationship. -Liss

48. My man looks into my eyes and says the most incredible things to me while lovemaking. It's like he can get into my mind and bring me to new heights using only his words and his eyes -P.J.

49. Oh My Gosh! I have to say that for me, the one thing that turns me on the most is when he talks to me. Says erotic things, like, lay back and relax honey, or you like that don't you baby. I find that it makes me get into the mood all the more, and the passion heightens as well. -Jen

50. Just being around her. I love to watch her dress. -Jack

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