a girl like her

there's this girl i know,
most people said she's almost perfect.
sempurna, they say.
how i wish i can be like her.
she got the look.
yeah, she's pretty.
mix blood tuuuu.
she's quite tall & thin.
she looks beautiful wearing anything.
she's an athlete.
yeah, she can run. not bad la.
i think im faster than her kot? wahaha :P
she's intelligent too.
always dapat markah tinggi.
she's quite well known jgak among her friends.
i mean, popularrrr la kannn?
everyone likes to be around her.
she has a great sense of humour jgak.
yeah, no stupid jokes mannn.
but one thing i admire the most about her,
she's freakin loyal.
many guys asked her out, flirted with her wtv sume,
dia loyal to her one & only boyfriend.
she knows that she can find someone else better than her current boyfriend ni,
but die still stick to him. no matter what happens.
yeah, they do faught a lot, but, idk. thats true love ey? haha.
that boy freakin lucky weh, i tell you.
to this girl's boyfie, treat her good, or you'll lose her without you knowing it.
tolong treat your girlfriend elok². nnt orang amek baru tawu.
jgn nanges nyesal tak sudah.
be a gentleman laa! adoi.
seriously dude. :]


fara said...

hey who's dat gurl syg?

nana said...

haha. someone.
her indentity must be kept secret :P