today, in history class,
teacher mentioned something about someone having their own blog.
wahaha. gle tempias kene kat muka laa.
fara q mira fyna sume gelak cnt go.
we were all laughing.
i was like, okay, shocking!
she's goooooood mannn. how did she know? haha.
then then, she said, dont go put my name on ur blog yeah?
u dont like this teacher la that la.
i know la the way i dress is not that good wtv sume.
she said something like that laa. sikit² mcm tu.
the whole class were laughing weh.
eh no, orang yg dengar je la.
coz, usually we dont listen to her.
ahahah xDD

well then, teacher, i didnt put ur name here.
but i do write about u. :D


fara said...

hahha!mmg xleh bla td kn.
gelak gle2 :P

aliya_ said...