the rest of her dreams

i cant count how many times people have uttered,
while shaking their heads in obvious disappointment,
"I just dont know what is with teenagers today."

huh.they have no idea how its like being a teenager
dlm this so-called era moden wtv nih.
yeah right.

i had a dream last night.
it wasnt a nightmare.
it was an unexpected dream.
i thought it was real.
but when i woke up,
it was gone.gosh.
do i really have to wake up?
its like i bumped my head into the wall.
i didnt want it to end.
i want to keep on dreaming that dream.
it was wonderful.
seriously it was.
i can feel the whole thing with my body.
something else was in there too.
or someone?
how to put in in words ey?
iuno.but yeah.
it was amazing.
sadly,it was only a dream.
come again tonight pls?

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