tomorrow is mssd.gosh.
im competing with other schools weh.
with their so-called 'gle tere' athletes.
i know i know.
i've been through this before.
but the feeling is different okay?
u get more nervous each time u think about it.
on the starting line, gle nervous weh!
i can puke, i can die, i can faint, i can poop, i can evrything la.
have u ever feel that way?if u do.
man,we're on the same boat.
da la i have to hear the pistol tu pnye sound.
if salah dgr,x concentrate,abes woh.
start lmbt.lari pn lmbt.orang laen da kat dpn. =.=
Ya Allah.tolong la bagi kekuatan nk lari esk.
pls la baekkn kaki yg saket ni.pls esk jgn saket ape2.
bnd ni sangat huge for me.
my school life is for bnd fav weh! :D
the sijil is important to me.
pray for me.wish me good luck.
& hope i'll run fast.
no 1, tomorrow.

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