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The year 2018...

Day 16 of 365 of 2018. 

The Lovable Princess

World, meet my adorable first niece, Zara Amanda Mizam binti Amirul Addeen Mizam. She was born last Sunday, 7th of August, 2016 at 9.54am. Zara in Hebrew means "princess", in Arabic it means "blossom". While Amanda is a Latin word meaning "worthy of love" or "lovable". Thus, Zara Amanda means The Lovable Princess.

My Best Friends' Wedding

Definition of a true friend: Someone who is as excited for your WEDDING DAY as you are.

Boy, I was ecstatic, because, I have TWO best friends tying their knot on the SAME DAY! Haha. Talk about coincidence, or perhaps they were just trying to torture me?