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Modvier Luxe Private Retail Viewing

Eh. Korang semua tahu tak yang Modvier ada buka butik baru kat Jalan Maarof, Bangsar? Nama butik baru tersebut ialah Modvier Luxe. Caaaaaannnntiiikkk sangat semua collection baju-baju kat sana. Semalam saya berpeluang untuk ke event soft launch butik Modvier Luxe ni. 

Oh. My. God. Guys.
I went crazy!

#KhairilNanaOnVacay : Hello, Barcelona! (Part 2)

So, part 2 continues.. (Here's Part 1)

Haha. So sorry for the long wait guys. I had tons of things to do but with soooo little time. I need at least 25 hours a day, 8 days a week. Okay I shouldn't have said that. I should prioritize, I guess. Yep. I'll do that from now on. Hmm.


Part 2 of #KhairilNanaOnVacay.. 

#khairilnanaonvacay : Bye Malaysia! (Part 1)

8th of September 2016.
That was the day where I miss seeing daylight so badly. Almost 24 hours of night time. Honestly guys, I really miss the feeling of sunshine on my skin. It was the longest night of my entire life!